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Our regional family business is proud of its good forestry practices, which ensures the future of the resource as well as respect for other users. Groupe Lebel makes every effort to ensure that the forest is well managed and remains healthy. « It is a great source of pride to produce materials that are part of the solution in the fight against greenhouse gases. In addition to being a renewable resource, wood material sequesters carbon », says the company’s CEO, Mr. Frédéric Lebel.

imagesRespecting allowable cuts is our top priority. Our team in charge of forestry, made up of professionals, technicians, measurers and forestry supervisors, ensures that the environmental guidelines and other laws put in place by the Ministry of Forestry, Wildlife and Parks are respected and even exceeded.

Of the 2.5 million cubic meters processed annually by the Group's sawmills, more than 80 % of the fiber comes from the free market: private forests in Quebec, New Brunswick, the state of Maine or from public auctions (BMMB).

Another source of pride for Groupe Lebel is having adapted its processing and manufacturing model to what the forest provides. In addition to processing fir and spruce, some of Groupe Lebel’s factories specialize in processing Norwegian spruce, red pine and larch. This is a significant asset for woodlot owners and for the region!

imagesBecause of our concern for the environment, more than 80 % of the company's energy needs (sawmill and wood kiln) are met by autonomous systems fueled by ecological by-products generated by the manufacture of construction wood (bark, sawdust, chips).

The spruce budworm epidemic has been on the rise for several years in Bas-St-Laurent. For Groupe Lebel’s procurement director Normand Simard, the challenge is considerable: « We must strive to adapt our harvesting strategies in order to minimize the losses caused by the infestation, without neglecting the significant supply of fiber by small private producers. »

At Groupe Lebel, the forest alone allows us to employ hundreds of workers in the region (harvest, transport, supervision). In addition, our good forestry practices pave the way for future generations, so that the family business can continue to grow!

DID YOU KNOW ? The forest is a renewable resource.

In Quebec, 90 % of land is public and 8 % is composed of private lots. Less than 1 % of the forest land is harvested each year. The vast majority of forests (80 %) regenerate naturally. For the remaining 20 %, reforestation is necessary.